Barry Elm - Laguna resident since 1980

Unhealthy changes are being proposed by monied interests which would increase density of existing structures, further exasperate our already horrific traffic issues and attempt to make our city a different place. I’ve been to many cities around the world where these forces have won out. Fun to visit but not to LIVE.

George Weiss will stand firm for residents interests and that’s why I’m endorsing him for city council. We need a strong advocate.  <more>

Byron Nelson

As a 49+yr resident of Laguna Beach, I am most concerned about the potential change from Laguna’s transition from a beautiful, most enjoyable residential beach community to a tourist dominated town negatively impacted by the tremendous crush of visitors.  These impacts are slowly destroying the quality of life we have known, and decisions by City Council have helped make this happen.

Unless one is oblivious, the influence of “Big Money” is apparent at City Hall.  I believe George has similar concerns and will use his powers to protect this towns' residents from the influence of developers and special interests who are keen to monetize our town. <more>

Charlotte Masarik

My neighbors in The Village, and friends who know me, are always pointing to my passion for the environment. I fight for clean air, clean water, open space. They also know about my love for Laguna and why my husband and I came here: Our historic Character, our commitment to the arts, our clean beaches and ocean waters, our parks and wilderness areas, our quality of life as a small resident friendly community. <more>

Mace Morse - A Bluebird Canyon local

A year or so ago I volunteered with many of my neighbors to help restore one of the open spaces in Bluebird Canyon.  The day was Saturday, the sun was out, and we were all working together for the common good.  What was required was a strong back and perhaps a shovel.   There was tree planting, watering, lessons for the children that came along, and the requisite dirt under our fingernails.  George Weiss was the organizer, and I met him that Saturday.  We have been friends ever since.  <more>

Jay Humphrey 

It is with great pleasure that I endorse George Weiss for the Laguna Beach City Council.  He has always exhibited honesty, integrity, and purpose.  But most of all, he has shown himself to deeply care about his community and the voice of that community.  He will make an outstanding council member who will fight for the residents of Laguna Beach and the health of that community. <more>

Jack Robbins

I fully support George Weiss for Laguna Beach City Council for a number of reasons. First, he has a long history of dedicating substantial time to public service within our community across multiple philanthropic organizations. Second, he understands that the primary constituency that a council member should serve is the residents of Laguna Beach. This ethos has been eroding across recent city councils. Third, he will bring a fresh set of eyes to our budgetary review process. The rising spending in Laguna Beach seems to be incommensurate with our population size (even adjusting for the tourist influx) and George is willing to examine this phenomenon more than most candidates. Lastly, George is a former Marine and I'd be remiss if I didn't mention that as something I like about him as a former Marine myself! <more>

Merrill Anderson

It’s been my honor and pleasure to have worked with George Weiss as we transformed the energy and great ideas of the Laguna Community Summit meetings into creating Laguna Residents First and crafting the Beautiful Laguna ballot initiative.


George is an insightful and caring person who loves Laguna Beach and is vigilant in growing our community in ways that serves the needs of residents, not the greed of big developers.  He is man of action who makes good ideas happen.  At a time when City Hall no longer listens to its residents we need George who will be a reliable advocate for residents and fight for our rights.  <more>

Scott Landress

It’s already too much. Wild nature is too sparse, from the sea and up the canyons, where even the ridges have been spoilt. Other than that, Laguna Beach seems just fine as it is. New development can only attract more traffic and further tilt the balance away from nature. Looking at the precedents, i.e. other beach cities that have capitulated to developers’ dreams, I believe it would be a tragic mistake to grow Laguna Beach. <more>

Trish and Mike Sweeney

Our family supports George Weiss for City Council. For some time, we have felt that the council no longer listens to residents. As a former U.S. Marine, George won’t back down from a fight. Laguna—the charming, quirky art town—is worth fighting for. His tireless advocacy work with local groups and his professional career experience make him uniquely qualified for City Council. Under George, fiscal conservatives like me and progressives like my husband, Mike will find common ground as we work to restore transparency and trust to city hall. I hope you will join us in supporting George for City Council.

Michele Monda

City Council is a non-partisan elected body in Laguna.  I support George Weiss because of the local issues that we face.  George is beholden to no one either at City Hall or in the town – he is fighting for the very soul of Laguna.  Working with him to get a ballot measure together to allow RESIDENTS to vote on developments in town, rather than at the whim of any City Council majority, is important to me as a Republican.  George will not allow tourists to be the primary focus of where my tax dollars go.  He will insist that City Hall be transparent and responsive to residents.  He, like me, is a fiscally responsible person who will hold the city accountable for their out of control spending and have them justify expenditures.  It’s about time we had a reasonable, fiscal restraint candidate to rein in City Hall.   

Julie Cabang Loizides

“The charming, cheerful, eclectic town we’ve always loved is in danger of becoming a characterless, hollow, overbooked tourist attraction. I’m voting for George Weiss because he’ll fight to keep the heart of Laguna alive and thriving, not smother it in big bucks and empty elegance. And he’ll do it with integrity, as a leader who is one of us.”

Please direct me to the site where I may find requests for lawn sign & donate with credit card. 

Here’s to a great campaign!

Julie Cabang Loizides

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